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Awnings and technical curtains

Technical curtains and blinds of all kinds. Venician and vertical blinds in a great variety of materials, textures, and colours. Japanese panels running on tracks or pole. Choose the fabric and style to suit your style and purpose.

Custom made curtains

The main function of the curtain is to protect from the sun, beautify the environment, and create warm and comfortable living areas. Technical curtains, due to their characteristics of fabrics and operating systems, allow a greater regulation of light.


The story goes that the Egyptians were the first to upholster in 5,000 BC. At Ceresi Cortinas we know that upholstering is an art, it is with this in mind that we give our full care and attention. We upholster all kinds of interior and exterior furniture

We offer a free of charge, no obligation quotation.

Textile professionals with a trajectory of more than 20 years

When dressing your windows we will work with you, always keeping in mind your needs and preferences. Our upholsterer will give your favourite furniture a new look and feel, giving them an extra boost and longer life. We supply all kinds of technical curtains from the most traditional such as Venetians and rollers, to the latest generation products such as the popular Night and day blinds and high solar and sun protective materials.

We are a family business run by Marco and Catherine, from Italy and England respectively. We have both been settled here on the coast since the 70s.

Ceresi Cortinas was established in 1988, it was established in the heart of the Costa del Sol on the border between Torremolinos and Puerto Marina, belonging to Benalmádena, where our store with a large exhibition is located.

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Steve y Claire

We are proud to have worked with our clients Steve and Claire in the UK doing our bit in helping to create this beautiful living space.

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Advice and personalized services for you

Our service includes visits to your home to take measurements, advice, and a free no obligation quotation. No obligation or additional cost.

Call us, no obligation:

952 37 30 42

Let’s decorate your house together:

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How to measure curtains?

Measure the length of the track or pole, preferably with a metal tape measure. Add the quantities corresponding to the width of the track, lenght from track to floor and possible overlap of the curtains in the center.

The result will be the final width.

Even better!!! Call us for a budget without obligation and if there is any cost, we will do it for you

Can we upholster your sofa, armchair, chair, headboard?

The first question is usually is it worth it? We see that there are several factors that must be taken into account when making this decision.

Price is not the only one. There are new cheaper solutions on the market, but in many cases the quality is much lower than your product.

We often find that your sofa is the only one that adapts to your taste or the space you have. (This is something we often come across.

Another and no less important, is the sentimental value. In our own family we have a sofa given as a gift more than forty years ago, which time after time has been upholstered and looks as new as on the day it was received.

Let our master upholsterer help you with the decision and as always we give a no free of charge, no obligation quotation.

Time to choose the fabric for you?

A fabric is the fabric obtained in the form of a more or less resistant, elastic and flexible sheet. achevied by the crossing and linking of a series of threads or fibers, in a uniform way by interlacing and / or joining them by a variety of methods.

At Ceresi Cortinas we have at your disposal a large and varied selection of genres. Ranging from designs printed on cotton, linen, silk or embroidered curtains, along with a wide range of plain designs for curtains, upholstery and decorations.

We have multiple samples in our exhibition. We are sure you will find something to suit from the great range of choice provided by some of the most prestigious textile distributors, with whom we have the pleasure to work.

It takes the summer and with this season ... the mosquitoes

At Ceresi Cortinas we can help you keep those insects at bay with the help of various types of mosquito nets.


We have at your disposal the following choices:

  • Roll-up mosquito nets are the most comfortable and common models. Easy to be rolled up and out of the way during the winter months. Just pull them down and leave in place during the summer.
  • Sliding: The sliding mosquito nets are designed for sliding windows, shutters or enclosures. Just slide to one side when you need access to outdoors, no need to remove.
  • Mosquito net door: A traditional, and simple folding or opening system. Easily adapted to any doorway.

These are the most suitable for access to balconies, terraces or or tall windows.

Client Testimonials.

I am delighted with the final result of my curtains and blinds.
Very professional company, the attention received and visit to our home was immediate.
Reasonably priced. They were very quick to have my order ready and in fitting it, (taking all anti-covid protection measures needed).
I had to organise everything by distance. They attentively answered my questions by phone at all times. if you have any questions, they will advise you with the best ideas for the luminosity and the decorative style you want in your home.
I recommend it 100 * 100 !!!
Samantha Tena

Ceresi Cortinas did a very good job on my apartment and everything was very beautiful. I recommend Ceresi Cortinas for anybody who wants a change of curtains at home without having to worry about anything.

Anne-Marie Sz

Ceresi Cortinas are professionals without a doubt, they have decorated my house and everything has been beautiful. I am happy and delighted with the good work they have done.

Raquel Morales

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Av. Antonio Machado, 135, Local 1, 29620 Torremolinos, Málaga

952 37 30 42