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Specialists with over 20 years of experience

We have a wide range of fabrics and styles to suit all tastes. We make curtains according to your wishes, with cushions and bedding to match. We also make awnings and blinds, and upholster your furniture, either to restore it to its former glory or to give it a totally new look. We will help you to find the colours , textures and fittings that you desire.

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Awnings and Blinds

All types of blinds : From simple Roman blinds to the more elaborate Austrians made in your choice of fabric, or the more specialised curtains such as Venetians, verticals and Japanese panels made in the latest technical materials. Choose the material and style which we can then adapt according to your taste and purpose.

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Curtains made to measure

The most important function of the curtain is the sun protection and decoration of a window and room, thus creating a warm and comfortable area in which to experience a sense of pleasure and comfort. All our curtains are made to measure including technical curtains of which some can combine well with traditional curtains.

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History tells us that the Egyptians were the first to practice upholstery back in 5,000 A.C. Here at Ceresi Cortinas we know that upholstery is an art and we are very proud of our extremely professional upholsterer and the care he puts into his work.

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Wide range of fabrics

We have hundreds of samples for you to look through ; cotton, polyester, silk and linen. Patterned, printed, bordered and plain. Fabrics for curtains and sheers along with fabrics ideal for upholstery. We work with some of the most prestigious distributors and will be happy to help you find the right choice.

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