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Winter Season – Curtains

A Winter’s Tale

I wouldn’t say we’re obsessed with curtains here at Ceresi Cortinas, but when they’re such a big part of our lives, we do tend to spend rather a lot of time with them!

Which probably explains how I found myself reading about the history of curtains over the Christmas holiday; This actually got me thinking about how we seem to be missing some of the more practical uses for curtains in our modern lives.

Very simply, the earliest ‘curtains’ were actually animal skins slung across ancient doorways to keep out draughts (and probably unwanted visitors), evolving over the years from skins to fabric, still used primarily as draught excluders but with new uses introduced such as for dividing rooms or for draping around beds to enhance privacy and warmth.  four poster bed

It’s actually only relatively recently with the development of modern urban living that curtains have been used for providing privacy from prying eyes and as an integral element of interior décor; and from our business experience, the latter is probably the main use for curtains today – a far cry from their original purpose!

But doesn’t this give just a little curtain inspiration?

It’s winter, and whilst that may not be such an ordeal here on the Med as it is further north, it still means turning up the heating and shutting out the draughts for a comfortable life. Which is where curtains really do come into their own, helping to keep the heat in and the chill out. It has been shown that even with the best double glazed windows, a good thermal lined curtain can achieve a 30% + improvement in heating efficiency.

I think you’ll also find that modern fabrics and designs offer a big improvement on the animal skins of old, so you don’t even need to worry about your insulating curtains clashing with the rest of your interior décor!   cortinas invierno

And isn’t there something a little special about drawing the curtains and creating your very own cosy atmosphere, leaving the chilly winter evenings well and truly on the outside?

The new year is an ideal time to take a fresh look at your curtains and see how you can combine decorative impact with their more practical qualities and create a finishing touch to your interior décor that you really will notice?

Something we can of course help you achieve!

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