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I don´t think that many people are aware of how long these very practical blinds have been around. I was surprised myself to find out the following;

Already in the seventeenth century blinds made of straw or matting were used to keep the sun out of rooms. Textile versions were not too very long in following.

There are records of a tradesman advertising “ Spring curtains and blinds for windows of a new invention, convenient to keep the sun off in summer or the cold winds from coming in between the sashes in winter….. “
Around the nineteenth century comments such as “ never anything uglier brought into the house than the ordinary blind…. I hope to live long enough to see roller blinds entirely done away with..” ( Aldam Heaton 1897 )
and “ They wear excellently and the mechanism never goes wrong.. … Roller blinds are extremely useful contrivances but they have a certain unalterable air of impoverishment and are totally lacking in artistic quality. ( Hermann Muthesius 1904 ) Could have led the reader to believe the roller blind was living it´s last day.


As we all know. This is not so.

These days the roller blind still serves the same functions such as “keeping the summer sun off and the cold winds out “ but how very much more decorative they are.
They are particularly suited for the modern contemporary look, as well as being of great use as blackout curtains either on their own, or used behind a softer, traditional fabric curtain.






Modern day roller blinds are a specially good choice for kitchens, office and children’s bedrooms. Not only are they made in the technical materials such as polyscreen,( a very popular choice at the moment,)and a great range of colours and textures. There are now many “normal “fabrics that can be treated and used with this mechanism.






Lastly, but not to be forgotten are the PVC roller blinds that can be personalized with your choice of digital impressions, be that from your own photo album or from the hundreds of choices in our archives.

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