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A Blind Bit of Difference


One of the things about running a business like ours is keeping up to date; new trends, new styles and new materials are such a big part of our ever changing world of curtains, blinds and upholstery. They certainly keep us on our toes, and we’re always looking for new ideas to keep the business fresh and interesting.

And our latest venture is very definitely fresh, interesting – and different!

We have introduced the La Ventana de Colores range of blinds, bedding and cushions which comes with a quite unique feature; you can create your own design and add that personal touch to your co-ordinated décor.

It’s a simple process of selecting from an extensive library of stunning contemporary design elements and building your design onto a template of your chosen item, which could be blind, panel, cushion or bedding. Once you’re happy with your design, you simply submit it and your personally designed item is ready for you usually within two weeks.

We’ve set up a display of the La Ventana de Colores range at the shop and we can take you through the design process, lending a helping hand where needed; or you can create your design and place your order on-line via our website.

It really is like having a fully bespoke design – but without the cost!

If you follow the link (   ) you can take a look at the system and see how it guides you in creating a contemporary, possibly quirky, design. Why not have a bit of fun and see how you get on creating your own bespoke window blind design?

Who knows, with the new year looming, you may just get some ideas for a nice fresh personalised look to your décor for 2016.


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