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Insect Nets

Summer time is fast approaching. In fact, it feels like it is already here. It’s a great time of year but it does come with some little pesky inconveniences.

Our insect nets are an effective way of protecting your home from the entrance of these sometimes annoying creatures without the need to close your windows.

They are an effective barrier that don’t cut out the landscape or ventilation.

The roller blind is a very popular option and is available in different mechanisms such as “roller clip” , Lateral roller, front roller and night and day roller. This particular roller has the dual function of light control and insect control. It consists of two rolling heads with different materials, one being the insect mesh and the other a roller blind.

The nets are made of fiber glass and are grey in color.Mosquito blindsi

As an option for those with allergy problems we also have the “mosquipolen mesh“. These are made of 100% polyester.

Sliding frames;

These enable you to open the window and slide the screen to the open area without having to remove any window pane.

For Doors;

The “door system” is a traditional and simple system with a hinged opening and can be adapted to push or pull open according to your requirements. Ideal for balconies, terraces or high windows.

The pleated screens, are an easy to operate, side folding system, and are also a good option for balconies and terraces.

The aluminum components of the frames come in a choice of 18 colors, enabling them to blend in well, if not match your window frames.

These are just a few of the different types of nets we have available. Please contact us if you wish for more information and as always, we are happy to come along to your home to advice and give you a no obligation, no cost quotation.

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