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Easter 2016

A Fresh New Look

Is it really Easter already? It only seems like yesterday that I was wishing you all a happy Christmas! But here we are, spring in the air, time to shake off the winter blues and think about putting some of those plans you made into action.

Time, perhaps, for a bit of a fresh new look around the home?

It’s natural to think that creating a fresh look requires a complete refurbishment, a ‘floor to ceiling’ makeover, if the outcome is to be effective; but it really doesn’t have to be that way, with a whole range of simple, cost effective ways to make a big difference.

Curtains are one example of where a change can make a big difference to your room. Take a look around and see how your curtains impact on your room, then try to visualise how a new style, colour or design of curtain will alter that impact. GL Primavera

What about replacing those dark, winter heavyweights with nice light voiles? You can combine these with a textured blackout blind hidden behind for when the occasion demands.

We have a huge selection of bright, cheerful designs for spring and summer with everything from florals to abstracts to suit your taste – and mood!

Changing your window blinds can have the same effect on a room as new curtains, and we have some great new designs and styles which will help you achieve the right image for your new look.

And don’t forget that even a new colourful set of cushions can change the appearance of your chairs and sofas, providing a nice cheap way to brighten any room, while new bedspreads can have the same effect in the bedroom – almost giving you the appearance of a whole new bedroom!

There is so much you can do to create your fresh new look without calling in the decorators (or getting out the paint brushes to DIY). Whether it’s curtains and blinds, cushions or bedspreads, there are fabrics, styles, designs and colours available to suit every possible taste.GL primavera sofa

Why not start by taking a look at your curtains and seeing how important a part they play in the impact your décor has on your room? Then call in to see for yourself the range of options available and just how we can help you create your new look for the spring and summer.

It won’t be just your home that benefits from the new look!


( photos courtesy of Group LaMadrid. To see more of their fabrics you are welcome to come and browse through our samples )

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