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Blinds, Curtains and Holiday Property Regulations

One for the holiday rental property owner; don’t be blind to the property regulations!

So here we are in September. Autumn has landed, the holiday season is having its final stretch before slipping away for the winter months and it won’t be long before we start planning for hristmas. But we won’t dwell on that last bit just yet!

This is also the time when all you owners of holiday properties take stock of your season and start preparing for things to start again next year. Repairs, extensions, refurbishments are usually high on the to-do list now along with the less arduous but equally effective items such as redecorating and updating the décor.

We are very much involved with the holiday let sector, helping property owners keep on top of their interior décor needs, supplying everything from curtains and blinds to cushions and bedding, and we like to keep in touch with what’s happening in the sector.Blackout blog bedroom (1415 x 1061)

Which is how I came to be reading through a summary of the latest regulations for holiday rentals and found one particular requirement for which we can very definitely be of help. Right there”decree 28/2016″   at number two on the in the list is the clause calling for holiday rental properties to:

“… .have direct external ventilation or via a patio and having a window shading system (a means of darkening the windows either by blinds or curtains)”.

OK, I talked about curtains in the last blog and I really do hate repeating myself, but as this is the time for thinking about next year’s plans and requirements for your holiday rental property, it would be mad to wait until after decisions had been made!

Blinds and curtains are a fairly obvious choice for ‘darkening of windows’ in any environment and offer a cost effective solution to a range of issues in addition to that of window shading as stated in the regulations. For example, by cutting out the light, your guests will have the potential for better sleep and a more restful holiday; their privacy will be enhanced, and if you get the balance right, curtains and blinds can form a key element of your interior décor, making the whole environment of your holiday property that much more memorable, helping to encourage repeat bookings.Blackout blind behind curtain (1415 x 1061)

You can even keep further ahead of the regulations by selecting blackout curtains and blinds which will not only provide a true light-free environment, but can also help to cut down the noise filtering in from outside, helping create an even more relaxed holidaymaker. And isn’t that what you need to keep your guests satisfied?

Yes, meeting the requirements of the regulations is essential if you are to gain the confidence of your guests, but it is their experience which will determine their satisfaction, and how to keep the customer satisfied is probably at the top of your planning list for getting next season off to a good start.

What are your plans for your holiday let in 2017?

Whether it’s a big refurbishment or a lick of paint you’re planning, take a look at your interior décor; it’s what your guests will see every day of their holiday and will form the overriding impression of their holiday experience.

I talked back in my Spring blog about making an impression with your interior décor and now really is the time to think about those important touches that can make a big difference without costing you the earth.  Once you’ve had a look around and drawn up your ideas for next year’s holiday season, give us a call or drop in to see us. We’ll be delighted to help you develop your thoughts and bring them into being.


And help you to comply with the holiday rental property regulations!

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