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A Flash of Inspiration

What inspires your interior décor choices?

Panic ….. one of the lesser known side effects of writing a blog; that feeling you get when you wake up to the realisation that it’s past the middle of February and you haven’t posted anything since before Christmas.

Which accounts for my sitting here poised over an unwilling keyboard and a blank screen trying to draw inspiration from yet another cup of coffee before my readers start thinking I’ve gone away – or worse!dav

And that is the key to blog writing; once you start doing it, you create a monster (in my case, more of a pussycat) which needs regular feeding with fresh material that really does sometimes need an extra flash of inspiration to create.

Welcome to the result of my very own inspirational flash – my first blog of 2017!

Home furnishing, interior décor – call it what you will, it’s an art built on inspiration; the sector boasts interior designers who create new styles and colours drawn from the inspiration they find in their surroundings; everything from curtain and window blind designs which reflect the natural environment to new and beautiful products created from recycled materials, themselves inspired by the need for a more sustainable world.

Take a look around your own home at your curtains, blinds and bedding and imagine what inspired someone to create a particular style or design (trust me, it can be much more rewarding than watching TV or a game of solitaire!), then think about what made you bring it all together into your own interior design themes.Panno Natural concept

Perhaps you started with your room and, looking to achieve a particular traditional or contemporary style, set about selecting your décor to fit-in and blend with the theme. Your initial inspiration may have come from your own creativity, a style magazine or website, or even a celebrity style trend – we’ve all seen the influence that a high-profile celebrity endorsement can have on the success of a product!

Or maybe, and I really like this one, you were inspired by a visit to the virtual ideas bank that is or a trip to the Ceresi Cortinas shop where you fell in love with something from the new curtain ranges, a particular fabric or colour, or that stunning new window blind design; then you set out to develop your interior design around a single piece, co-ordinating your interior décor around your inspired choice.

There are so many sources out there to influence your interior design thinking and help you plan and develop your ideas, that you can easily find yourself lost in a world of indecision, desperately looking for that flash of inspiration to get you started – just like me with my blogs!

But whilst my blog inspiration came out of the blue courtesy of a cup of coffee, when it comes to interior décor you can surround yourself with inspiration; something we at Ceresi Cortinas are very good at helping you do.

A visit to the shop opens a world of opportunity where you see colours come alive, experience fabrics and their textures and get a first-hand view of how things will come together, whether co-ordinating blinds with curtains, cushions and accessories to suit your chosen themes.

Wild-Jungle GL

It could be the only inspiration you need to set out on the path to creating the ideal interior décor theme for your home. And (even if you can’t make it to the shop), we are always happy to talk through your ideas with you and use our vast experience of interior decor to help you bring it all together.

With Easter not far away and thoughts turning to the new season preparations for the holiday property or a fresh look around the home for summer, now is the time to get those plans moving, so drop in to see us or give us a call – you may just find the inspiration you’re looking for!

And I promise not to mention ‘inspiration’ in my next post!

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