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“GREEN ” Curtains: Recycled Polyester Curtain Range

Our new curtain range uses 100% recycled polyester, helping save the planet! 

One of my passions in life is trying to do things in a way which helps to protect the earth and whilst I don’t get up on my soapbox and preach my beliefs to all and sundry, I am happy to demonstrate my enthusiasm for something in more practical ways.waste_recycling

And recycling is one of my particular passions, something which, along with millions of others, I do quite automatically; newspapers, bottles, plastics – all dutifully collected, separated and sent off to enjoy a whole new existence; and even the old clothing gets packed off to the textile recycling centre to emerge as new fabric.

So it certainly made me sit up and take notice when a supplier informed me recently that old plastic bottles are being recycled as fabrics for curtains.

When you consider that some 70 million barrels of oil each year are used to make virgin polyester just for the fabrics industry, then the idea of a recycled alternative really does look attractive.

Which is exactly how our latest range of curtains begins life – as an old scrap plastic bottle which, along with other old plastic materials is transformed into recycled polyester fibre and woven into a high quality curtain fabric.Tejido UP 1 (1404 x 1872)

The result? 100% recycled polyester curtains which are not only environmentally friendly and sustainable, but look great and come with a fantastic potential for some great interior design and décor schemes.

Being introduced to the polyester curtain range was a whole new experience for us, and we have been very impressed by what it is and what it has to offer. However, sharing that experience fully with you in a blog is really not that easy as describing any kind of fabric is a job best left to the material itself; its texture, how it feels to the touch, how it looks; and polyester curtain material is no exception.

What I can say is that the curtain fabric is indistinguishable from non-recycled polyester or cotton curtains; the same look, feel and elegance that is ideal for the home, holiday villa or hotel. And if it’s a heavy duty, flameproof fabric you need for contract curtain applications, we have an ‘ultra-textured’ recycled polyester option for that too!

It’s early days yet in our venture into the world of recycled polyester curtains and our choice of designs at the moment is from a small high quality collection. But we are already looking to expand our range by sourcing new designs and colours to open out this fabulous product to a wider appeal.

Up fabric contract close up (1560 x 2080)

You don’t have to share my passion for saving the planet to realise the very real benefit of our range of recycled polyester curtains and you can experience them for yourself at the shop where we have samples of the material and the colour range; and of course, our usual expertise is always on hand to help and discuss the fabric and your own possible applications.

Look forward to seeing you!

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