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Holiday Homes

A Fresh Look

Having just spent a few days back in England, I witnessed at first hand the traditional April Showers change into April Blizzards, and what a shock that was to someone more used to the much kinder Mediterranean climate! 13165966_633928653421447_4317056386137185827_n


One thing this crazy English weather has achieved is to make people want to escape for a bit of warmth and sun, and what better than a trip down to Spain to shake off the very late winter chills?


Perhaps this is presents great opportunity for someone with a holiday home; a potential queue of frozen Brits looking to rent your property for a few days and find some relief from the snow and cold!


But whether that is likely to happen or not, if you’re the owner of a holiday home or apartment, it’s probably the right time to get things ready for the season’s rentals – a few repairs here or a lick of paint there maybe?


Or simply take a look at the interior décor; you’ll be surprised how much can be achieved with a change of curtains or blinds, even a new set of cushions scattered around a room.


We have just worked with a client for example who set out to make a good impression on their many repeat clients by simply providing new bedspreads and curtains in the apartment. It is a change that gets noticed; something which helps to keep the place looking fresh and shows the client that you’re interested.


It’s also the sort of change which can give your promotional materials a boost; a change of décor and a new set of photos on your website can bring a whole new impact to your site, helping you stand out and stay ahead of the game.



Freshening up an apartment or home doesn’t have to involve a major upheaval – or expense. But it has the potential to make a big difference to your bookings!


We can of course help you make the right choices when it comes to replacing your décor with not only a fabulous selection of materials and styles available in curtains, blinds, cushions and bedding, but a wealth of expertise to ensure you create the right impression.


You can get some great ideas from our website, or better still, call in to the shop and see our fabulous range of materials and products at first hand.


Inspiration when it matters!



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