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BEDROOMS: Textures, fabrics and window dressing.

I have to admit that I´ve been very lapse these last few months regarding sitting down and thinking of something to write.  To be fair to myself I have to say we´ve had a very busy spring and summer, both here at CERESI CORTINAS and at home.  Now is time to settle down and look forward to the coming months.

Following on from my last blog “inspiration”

I thought I´d continue along that theme, but concentrating today on an important room of our home. Bedroom closeup PH-71

The bedroom

A major  part of decorating a room is of course, the furniture of choice and colour scheme, but I find that working with textures is a subtle and sophisticated way to add interest and depth of feeling to any room.  The bedroom is a room where the sense of touch truly reigns supreme.  At the end of the day when it´s time to rest and regain our strength for the following day, we all love to have a comfortable and inviting bed in which to sleep. If that´s accompanied with linens and blankets that indulge the senses then so much the better!

Texture, besides physical, can also be visual.  Visual, as in the play on light and how it can absorb and capture it in ways that, in turn capture our eyes.

Stripes and patterns on walls and fabrics for example  can give a sense of texture even to flat objects.  So we have a lot of things to look at and play with when creating that  special space in which to relax.

I love mixing man-made materials with natural ones.   These days options are almost limitless. From crisp linen and cool silk, to the warmth of chenille and faux fur.   Our core, affordable basics such as Linen and cotton are an ideal neutral backdrop for Layering.  For that extra sense of richness they can be combined with luxury fabrics such as cashmere and velvet.

A modern bedroom can be made more homely if stocked with plump soft pillows and / or hand knitted wool  throws. Old with new, fitted with loose, wool with silk, satin with cotton. Softness is paramount in a bedroom whatever the effect you wish to achieve. DSC_1226

When it comes to dressing a bedroom window keep in mind that windows are a natural focal point and how you decide to dress them defines the mood and look of a room.  Curtains, blinds, any type of window treatment especially in a bedroom can a practical necessity as well as a special finishing touch. We normally need to balance privacy and light. If your room needs as much light as it can get ,white cotton,  voiles and linen not only hang beautifully  and have that lighter touch. They also provide a soft filter to the natural light shining in from outside.

If you prefer  a more formal look , rich fabrics such as velvet and chenille with their shapely folds also block out the light when  needed.

If you like the lighter, airy look of voiles and linen but also need complete darkness for sleeping I find that a great solution is a black out roller blind behind the curtain is a good option.  Hardly visible when rolled up, but excellent at their job when needed. 21032012350

A fitted bedspread rather than a duvet and cover is a good option if you prefer a bed to have a more tailored profile.  An upholstered headboard adds a warm touch to a bedroom (as well as being comfortable on the head) and when you fancy a new look it´s easy enough to achieve with a change of fabric and addition of buttons maybe.

I know I´ve said it before, but it´s amazing the changes you can make to a room by simply changing bed and window dressings and adding some extra cushions or throws.  Oh, and maybe that chair could do with upholstering. ?

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