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Awnings and blinds

In Ceresi Cortinas we have a wide range of awnings and blinds. They are always made to measure and according to the costumers choice.

We highlight the following:

Venetian Blinds

The Venetian blinds have a great function, the slats or strips can be orientated so that we can always control the amount of light we wish from the outside, they can be left totally horizontal to give a clear view and fixed to a certain height on the window.

They come in plain colours, wood, metal, perforated or patterned for a different effect.

Venetiana madera       venetian-perforated



Aluminium is a very popular choice as it is strong and resists deterioration. This material is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens, it is durable, economical and available in many colours.

persiana_aluminio     persiana - aluminio    persianas de alumunio



Wood and wood imitation give a touch of warmth, elegance and class.




The PVC (wood imitation)  are resistant to moisture and are non flammable.

.persianass-vertical-pvc   Tecnicos verticales ondulado


Verticals, Rollers and Japanese panels

A modern and contemporary choice, Ideal for home or office offering maximum control over light and privacy and easy maintenance. We have a great range of colors, textures and patterns. Most of the blinds can be motorized and/ or printed with a digital photo either from our cataloge of over 600 images or your own personal favorite from your family album.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Tecnicos enrollable digital


Mosquito nets

These offer protection against mosquitoes , flies and other insects. Ideal for the summer when wanting to leave your windows open to let the fresh air in.

Mosquito blind 2     Mosquito blindsi



Protect yourself from the elements and enjoy the great outdoors. Ask to see our catalogue and samples of awnings and we will help you decide which option ( motorized or manual operation) is the best for you.

Toldo amarillo nevaluz  toldo despacho nevaluz