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BEDROOMS: Textures, fabrics and window dressing.

I have to admit that I´ve been very lapse these last few months regarding sitting down and thinking of something to write.  To be fair to myself I have to say we´ve had a very busy spring and summer, both […]

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A Flash of Inspiration

What inspires your interior décor choices?
Panic ….. one of the lesser known side effects of writing a blog; that feeling you get when you wake up to the realisation that it’s past the middle of February and you haven’t posted […]

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A peep Behind the Curtains – A blog is for life, not just for Christmas !

If you read our Christmas blog last year, you will already know that we are all Christmas-mad here at Ceresi Cortinas, going to great lengths to make it a very special occasion for family and friends – and spreading a […]

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Colour Your World

Rethink colour in your home décor; get the mood right for your home
 Well, how was your Halloween? Were you inspired to take a fresh look at black’s possibilities for your home? (If you’re puzzled, you obviously didn’t read my […]

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Blinds, Curtains and Holiday Property Regulations

One for the holiday rental property owner; don’t be blind to the property regulations!
So here we are in September. Autumn has landed, the holiday season is having its final stretch before slipping away for the winter months and it won’t […]

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“GREEN ” Curtains: Recycled Polyester Curtain Range

Our new curtain range uses 100% recycled polyester, helping save the planet! 
One of my passions in life is trying to do things in a way which helps to protect the earth and whilst I don’t get up on my soapbox […]

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Linen; The Cool Summer Fabric

Timeless luxury down the ages: linen curtains, bed linen, table linen
I just really love the natural look and feel of linen with its soft, relaxed texture and what I can only describe as a timeless luxury; 
Linen is the world’s oldest […]

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Special Offer

ARMCHAIR FOR SALE Armchair 50 € , +  re-upholstery 95€ + 4mts fabric Õ Read More

Holiday Homes

A Fresh Look
Having just spent a few days back in England, I witnessed at first hand the traditional April Showers change into April Blizzards, and what a shock that was to someone more used to the much kinder Mediterranean climate! 
One […]

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Easter 2016

A Fresh New Look
Is it really Easter already? It only seems like yesterday that I was wishing you all a happy Christmas! But here we are, spring in the air, time to shake off the winter blues and think about […]

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